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PHCC & CHRYSLER GROUP is pleased to announce a special $500 cash allowance toward the purchase or lease of many of the most popular vehicles in our lineup. (For PHCC members, their families and employees only.) Learn More


We have many programs and benefits that will enhance your business.

 Here are just a few:

¨          4-year Training School.

¨         Journeyman level certification program.

¨         A full insurance product line including health insurance.

¨         We advise you of all state and federal legislation pertaining to our field of business.

¨         Assistance with licensing needs.

¨         Monthly meetings to keep you informed and connected to the industry and your competitors.

¨         An industry library.

¨         Educational seminars for the contractor and his/her employees.

¨         Code information and code books.

¨         A yearly convention and Trade Show.

¨         A yellow page task force.

¨         A lawyer on retainer for advise.

And much, much more…….